Arquivo GNR

Graphic design.
Exhibition, brochure, posters.

Exhibition of the April 25 in "Carmo", already has the our ​​participation by third consecutive year.

This time the "Guarda Nacional Republicana" asked for our collaboration in the creation of various graphic elements , not only to the exhibition of April 25 , as for the Museum space (a new space) which opened in 2014.

The brochure , in the picture above, with bi-language version also had the participation of professional designer Diogo Barreto and the Cid architect who worked more about in "Space Museum". The projects were designed and worked in a relatively short period of time, but was fulfilled the objectives.

In two projects simultaneously , exhibition and museum, the following graphic pieces were performed in the creation of graphics and participation in print:

    Brochure (printed copy in the picture);
    Panels and exhibitors;
    Interiors subtitles for museum;
    Outside subtitles for exhibition;
    Inauguration board;

Photography of the areas that tell the story of the "Guarda Nacional Republicana" in the museum space. Space which shows an GNR old post office.


Carmo quarter of the cloister, one of the exhibition areas on April 25 (Board legend of the GNR classic model cars).


brochure, exposition, graphic-design


Arquivo Histórico da Guarda Nacional Republicana.

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